Vagabond Biker

Born to an unwed teenaged mother in Terre Haute, Indiana during the winter of ’69, it seemed my fate was predetermined. Mom’s only brother, my father figure, was a hardcore biker from the ‘70s era and my grandfather, who also served to shape my young mind, gave me a minibike as a kid. That pretty much sealed the deal on the direction my life would lead. Though I grew up riding a variety of makes, I bought my first Harley at 21 and immediately set to chopping the bone stock 1973 Sporty into a hardtail with a springer front end. That old ironhead and I set off to see the world and meet new friends. There was lots of camping and partying and the lifestyle quickly became an addiction. Before I knew it I was counting the days until my children were adults and I could have the freedom to hit the road full time. That was 3-years, 100,000-miles and 32 states ago.

These days I can be found camping in the deserts of Arizona when I’m not in the wind out on America’s back roads. I’m a contributor for biker rags and enjoy time spent as a freelance photographer so check out the snapshots of what life on the road is like on my website www.vagabondbiker.org on Facebook and Instagram. You can also tag along on my adventures through video posts on my YouTube Channel. Be sure to give a wave if you see me out on the blacktops. I’m always looking for a few new friends.

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