2018 VagabondBiker Caledar

There is a sponsor's page and of course lots of beautiful women & choppers.... so get'm while there hot!


Taylor Davison

12 x 17 Poster

The young lady you see in the 12×17 poster isTaylor Davison of South Dakota on her rigid Shovel Chopper. Taylor was critically injured in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and is still currently in ICU with serious head injuries. She is a welder by trade and a single mother of 6 beautiful children. Taylor and her children need our help emotionally, spiritual and financially and that's why is offering this Sturgis Rally 2017 commemorative poster featuring Taylor and her Chopper

4 x 6 Window sticker $4.99

11 x 17 Vagabond Biker Poster

Windows Stickers $3.50